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What you need to Know about Life in 2023

  1. Serendipity is your friend. People are beautiful, but only if you believe it. A big smile helps.
  2. Changes don’t trickle in; they move with a big whoosh. Move away from the coast and for heaven’s sake, get out of Florida.
  3. You can’t have it all, where you put your life force, is your result, so work hard first, then create a family.
  4. If you already have the family, then nurture them, there is no shortcut in parenting.
  5. Trust yourself implicitly. Sometimes, you will invest in a bad relationship anyway, when you do, forgive yourself immediately.
  6. Blame is a variable and you can invariably blame anyone that you like, any time that you like.
  7. Take responsibility for your actions, after all, no one else is “driving” you, you are driving you. That includes traffic: leave early.
  8. Figure out ways to love who you love: a touch, a smile, a kiss or a moment. Make sure that it lasts by giving your authentic self to the relationship.
  9. Right, Resentment, Revenge: keep the 3 Rs from ruining your life. You may be right, but you will end up wrong when your resentment turns to revenge.
  10. Go ahead and go to therapy. You can learn everything you need to know to get by with life.
  11. Discipline – it works when you have it. Make it easy for yourself to be disciplined. If it is too hard to be disciplined, you will not do it.
  12. Some days, weeks and even months are awful. It is what it is. (I hate that saying.)
  13. Learn balance ~
  14. Know when enough is enough. Don’t linger in a situation that is bad for you. You will know when it is bad.
  15. Good enough is enough. Perfection is over-rated.

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