I am Johanna Sr.

My biggest passion is my children.  Originally, I started blogging because they were growing up, leaving home and I felt like I had not “finished” with them. I wanted to continue communicating with my children. I then decided to go public, in case other mothers also wanted to continue conversations with their offspring.

I’ve been blogging for twelve years (it doesn’t seem that long) and now I am consumed with being a grandmother. I have lots to talk about in the concept department of life. I want to share my ideas and thoughts with all of the moms and dads. I appreciate every single reader that I have.

My conversational concepts are usually around love, relationships and integrity. On the broader scope of the community, I am a fierce advocate for economic equality. I am so tired of our legislators giving away our livelihoods while they bow down to corporate profitability. No, we the people, need to stop that.


What I did ~

I spent 17 years managing methadone clinics. I earned my Certified Addictions Professional credential for the state of Florida.

What I did ~

As an administrator, I loved my work. It usually involved spending time with staff, always rewarding.

Dedicated activist for economic equality. Baby Boomer. Wife, mother and blogger.


We are more the same than we are different, but we do not know this, or think this.

What is good, honest and right, is not always what is popular.

Mediocrity is okay, extraordinary is but one of the possibilities of a moment in life.

Sometimes you have to fight for love.  There are times when love needs diligence.